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Binded mobile App

Your All-in-one D/S app

We focus on bringing a personalised experience to all users. You can build it anyway you want with you and your partner (s). Be spoilt with features including
rules, punishments, habits and rewards, to custom notifications*, to chronometers* and

We offer 2 plans for Binded+

Is Binded free?

Binded+ curates your ideal BDSM experience.

Monthly: USD $12.99/month

Yearly: USD $110/year (save 30%)

How safe is Binded?

Get Binded with your partner by sharing audio and video files. We prioritize your data privacy and aim to keep our community safe.


How can I sign up?

Download Binded from the App Store or Google Play. Sign up and select Dominant, Submissive, or Solo. Join partners via their unique link or share yours.

Binded Overview

Bringing Your Deepest Desires to Reality Bringing Your Deepest Desires to Reality Bringing Your Deepest Desires to Reality Bringing Your Deepest Desires Reality Bringing Your Deepest  Desires 

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We envision Binded to be used by BDSM couples and individuals looking to track their BDSM journey, and professionals looking to manage a number of individuals.

Add your Partner(s)

Binded app

Every 2 individuals connected on Binded has a private space.

Assign Good and Bad Habits

These are any activity or task you want to cultivate or restrict.

Habits are customisable, allowing you to create any habit you can  imagine. 

Binded Features

Set Rewards & Punishments

Rewards motivate your partner, whereas Punishments correct undesired behavior.

A point economy encourages adherence to your rules.

Binded App Features

Shared Jqurnal

Gain a better understanding of your partner's feelings and emotions with a shared journal log.

Get ready for more fulfilling play sessions.

Binded BDSM app

Your Personalised Rules

Sit down with your partner and discuss what sort of rules you would like to have in your BDSM dynamic. Once you are happy, sign at the bottom.

*This is not a legally binding.

Binded BDSM application

Custom Activity Timers

This module features stopwatches and timers with custom activity labels. Time your partner's activities with our add/remove time function in the Timer.

These activity timers track towards 23:59:59 (1 day), thereafter in days.

Binded free features

Modules for Add Partner(s)

App Modules Screenshots

Connecting Dots

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